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Packing Tips for San Miguel de Allende from The Getaway Girls

San Miguel resident, Julie Welsh and her business partner Nancy K from Dallas are launching their first Getaway Girl’s trip of 2021 in the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende. With 15 years as a client and friend, Nancy knew immediately that she and Julie shared a passion for travel and fashion which led them to form their partnership. And from the first time Julie set foot in San Miguel 15 years ago, having a home in here now, it only made sense to start in this wonderful place.

Their goal is to inspire and enlighten their clients taking them off the beaten path to discover hidden gems that aren’t easy to find.

Getaway Girls was created to offer women an opportunity to experience some of the world’s most vibrant cities from a fresh, exciting perspective. Their trips are meticulously planned to surprise and delight with a perfect combination of shopping and culture. Their goal is to inspire and enlighten their clients taking them off the beaten path to discover hidden gems that aren’t easy to find. In anticipation of their first trip to San Miguel they have put together the ultimate packing tips

Here are a few of our must-follow tips to making the most of your time in San Miguel de Allende. Follow these and you’ll not only be comfortable as you explore the city, but look great while you do it!

Don’t overpack—remember less is more. Start with a strong base of items in neutral shades along with some denim that can help you layer and build your look. It is all about separates that can mix and match for different outfits.

Layering is key. The weather in San Miguel de Allende is lovely year round. Although it might get hot during the day, the overall dry climate makes the heat easier to tolerate. The mornings start out cool so pack a neutral cardigan and denim jacket to start the day. These will come in handy for your rooftop cocktails later in the evening as well.

Accessorize! Chose a color palette to help build on your neutrals. Throw in your favorite patterned scarf and some fun earrings. The city hosts an abundance of outdoor activities so come prepared with a stylish hat, sunscreen, and maybe a small umbrella too!

Pack for casual chic. A casual day dress or light weight skirt is perfect for exploring the city during the day, and they transition nicely for a relaxed dinner. Nice shorts or tailored light white pants are always an option and pair well with a denim jacket and a scarf. We love easy shirt dresses and jumpers too!

Be sure your feet are happy (but stylish). San Miguel cobblestone streets can make walking difficult if you don’t come prepared. We recommend comfortable walking sandals or your favorite fashion sneaker. A nice flat pair of espadrilles is a great option as well or even one with a bit of a heel for evening. Just make sure you feel confident walking in any heels!

Pack a small purse or wallet. Keep them small, lightweight and easy to pack, especially if you aren’t checking luggage. You want to save that room for all your shopping!

Bring your favorite tote. We love a good tote when traveling. Pack a nice sized canvas tote which can serve as your purse while out shopping. Drop your wallet or small purse inside and you are ready to go. It is also a great way to carry that cute pair of shoes you want to change into when you get to a special destination.

Leave space for your shopping. You will need extra room to bring home the Getaway Girl’s favorite finds in San Miguel.

Look great! You’ve got this, Girl!