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Ann Dolan

Ann is a native of Memphis, Tennessee and when she married her husband Jim in 1990, they made a commitment to live in another country, learn another language and start their own business.  Their plans have been remarkably realized in the past 25 years, here in San Miguel de Allende.


In 1996, while Jim was on deployment in Europe, Ann moved to San Miguel, at the time a small, sleepy community with donkeys, pigs and chickens often roaming the quiet streets.  She worked with an associate to build Casas de San Miguel, which became the only full-service property management, rental company and sales in SMA.  Jim joined Ann in San Miguel in 1997 and by the time Casas de San Miguel was sold in 2000, they managed over 80 homes, rented over 175 homes and were also busy with real estate sales. Ann is currently a Senior Luxury Specialist at CDR San Miguel, plus she is also a founding member of REALM - Global, the first lifestyle technology platform with elite agents around the world.



Ann took a hiatus to start a family in 2000, and she and Jim raised their three bilingual and bicultural kids in San Miguel. Ann found San Miguel to be a magical place to raise children. The Dolan kids grew up walking down cobblestone streets full of color and adventure, enjoying parades, fiestas and celebrated cultural traditions.  The Dolans were part of a welcoming community of local families who connected over school and weekend events, raising their children in a family-oriented culture with great healthcare and childcare. Whether you are looking to live in San Miguel for a one-year sabbatical or longer, Ann knows what an unforgettable experience it will be for your children.


Over the 25-plus years since Jim and Ann have been in San Miguel, they have had the good fortune to form many lasting friendships and participate in the community. Ann has been very involved with their kids' school, José Vasconcelos, a bilingual school with a 45-year history. She was PTA President and spent over 8 years as a board member. 


Ann Dolan’s San Miguel is a very welcoming and social town where one can raise children joyfully and create a warm circle of friends.  She is generous in sharing her years of experience with new arrivals to San Miguel and inviting them into this special community.

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